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College Essay Writing with Rachel Kitson

It is that time of year again for high school seniors…time to apply to college. Though the process may seem overwhelming for some, it is actually a very exciting time in one’s life. One essential part of the application process is the essay, a place for true personality and strengths to shine. On this week’s

Friday’s Top 5 – Essential Tips for College Freshmen

Freshmen move in day is sneaking up on us with each passing week. 18 year olds everywhere are mentally preparing for a year full of futons, walls plastered with posters, 8 AM classes, and late night study sessions fueled by Ramen noodles and Red Bull. It is an overwhelming transition for recently graduated high school

How to Thrive in College

College is a huge deal. For all the seniors in high school who are getting ready to head off to school in the fall, there is a lot to prepare for. Although the thought of college can be a daunting one, there are ways to prepare yourself. Our Thriving in College workshop on June, 12

The Importance of Sleep in College

As the college semester is coming to a close, many students will be pulling all-nighters cramming for final exams. Drinking crazy amounts of caffeine to stay awake and finish a paper is not an uncommon practice among students these days. Along with late night study marathons, studies have shown that sleep patterns of college students

Support for College Students with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are at their height during the college years, with the National Institute of Mental Health estimating that around 25% of college students have eating disorders.  There are a number of theories that attempt to explain this phenomenon, many of which center on the transitions that happen during this period.  Entering college is a

Making the Most of an Internship

Summer is right around the corner, and although many students have a break from their coursework, career preparation is still at the forefront of their minds.  Based on a study by Millennial Branding and Experience Inc., 91 percent of employers recommend having at least one or two internships under your belt before you graduate from

How to Earn an Athletic Scholarship

In “The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide”, Mo Collins, former high school, college, and NFL football player, breaks down myths about college recruiting.  Millions of high school athletes compete each year for just around 150,000 Division I and Division II college athletic scholarships, and many let opportunities pass them by because of misconceptions about the recruiting