A Psychologist’s Perspective of Robin Williams’ Death

Talking about suicide: in light of Robin Williams’ passing Walking into work on Tuesday morning last week, I was confronted with a still image of Robin Williams and his vital records on the lobby television; indicating that he had died the day before. The text read suicide, but there was something surreal about Williams’ image

Millennial Dilemmas: Current Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals

Is it ethical to add your client as a friend on Facebook? What about following them on Twitter? Technology has made it difficult to determine what is ethically appropriate for mental health providers. On September 5th, Southeast Psych’s Dr. Barrie Morganstein will be offering a 3 CE Credit workshop on Millennial Dilemmas: Current Ethical Issues for Mental

A Minecrafter’s Guide to Building Relationships

A Minecrafter’s Guide to Building Relationships Step One: The Basics (Initiating Contact) When you first venture into the world of Minecraft you have to start from scratch, build your own tools and mine the basic materials. In life you will need to do the same thing when you meet a new person. To begin, you must

The Unexpected Princess

The Unexpected Princess In today’s world, the term “princess” has become synonymous with words like: spoiled, entitled, and rude. With her upcoming book, Dr. Molly Wittig wants to reinvent the word princess into the what she calls the “Unexpected Princess.”  So what is an Unexpected Princess?  She is strong, capable, kind, giving, and independent. She

Psychology of Successful Travel Abroad

Psychology of Successful Travel Abroad Tomorrow afternoon, my family and I will board a flight to Rome, wherefrom we will set out on a cycling trip through the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany. I was eleven when we had our first family European adventure, and since then some of our most precious memories involve

Ready Player One: Cline gives me my 80′s fix and Asperger’s!

Greetings Aspie Nation! It’s a warm and muggy night in North Carolina and I just started reading a book given to me by a good friend, Dr. Alex Wittig (wife of my colleague Dr. Molly Wittig).  I’ve rarely been so riveted by a book and been brought so thoroughly Back to the Future, back to Dungeons and

Teen Writing Workshop this Summer!

Attention Teens (and Parents of Teens!): Introducing Dr. Kitson’s Teen Creative Writing Workshop (for teens ages 13-18) Do you enjoy writing or ever thought about being a writer but not known where to begin? Do you have a creative spark or passion that’s not being met in school? Do you use a journal or social