Announcing the Entertainment Shrinkly Podcast!

We are big fans of pop culture here at Southeast Psych. You could say we are pretty big fans of psychology, too. We decided to combine our interests into our latest endeavor – the Entertainment Shrinkly Podcast.  This fun and free project is our latest way to provide Psychology for All. The goal of the

Sleep Across the Lifespan: Adolescents

 Sleep Across the Lifespan: Adolescents  As mentioned in the last blog entry, we are charging right into adolescence. I like to view the middle school years as almost a “sweet spot” where sleep is concerned- many of our elements of behavioral insomnia and parasomnias are outgrown, and many of the psychological factors affecting adolescent sleep

It’s Back! The Spring Super Speakers Super Conference

It’s back! We are super excited to announce our SECOND Super Speakers Super Conference! There will be new presentations and more space, but the conference is still free. If you’re a parent, a teacher, a student, a doctor, a psychologist, an athlete, or a person, there will be something there for you. The Super Speakers

Resources for Facing Your Fear

Resources for Facing Your Fear Let’s be honest, we all are afraid of something. Whether you are 6 years old or 65 years old, there is probably something in your life that scares you. It is also likely that you try to avoid it as much as possible. When our fear is excessive and significantly

Legends of the Knight Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Epicentre to see the Legends of the Knight premiere! The sold out show was a huge success. We want to thank Brett Culp for being passionate about his work and creating this remarkable film. Huge thanks to Lenny Robinson, a.k.a. Batman, who spent hours in his

Sleep Across the Lifespan: Elementary Age

As children enter the school years, we start to see a reduction in some of the behavioral sleep disorders. For many children, there are great surges in the ability to regulate emotions and self-soothe. Sleep in this age group becomes more distinct and the pattern of sleep is much more reflective of adult sleep- the

What You Need to Know about Facebook’s 56 Gender Options

(Some of) what you need to know about sexual orientation and gender identity & why language and terminology is important! Recently, Facebook increased the drop down selection from 2 to 56 options regarding a person’s ability to identify as being a certain gender or sexual orientation (Full list here).  To some, this may seem like