“You Just Don’t Get Me”: Parenting Your Teenager

When I was an adolescent, I kept a detailed journal. I figured that no one understood me, and I would never want my future daughters to feel that same way. I imagined sharing my writing and my multitude of negative experiences with these hypothetical daughters, and felt that they would feel a rush of relief

The Southeast Psych Super Conference

We are excited to announce our THIRD Super Conference with special guest Michelle Icard! This is a day to come learn, connect, and grow through 20 FREE presentations given by our very own experts. The conference will be held at our SouthPark location on Friday October 24th.  There will be twenty hour-long presentations collectively covering topics

How Does Anxiety Impact Sleep?

How Does Anxiety Impact Sleep? When we worry, we become physiologically stimulated resulting in alertness and difficulty with sleep. Worry gives our brain a signal indicating there is a threat and our body instinctually prepares itself for action. So of course it is hard to sleep. Tips to Improve Anxiety at Bedtime Make Your Bedroom

How Menopause Impacts Sleep

Menopause and Sleep You thought that you were finally in the stage of life when you could get some extra uninterrupted sleep time.  The kids may have moved out and your mom duties of staying up late to see that teenagers make it home on time or providing  early morning wake up calls to meet

A Psychologist’s Perspective of Robin Williams’ Death

Talking about suicide: in light of Robin Williams’ passing Walking into work on Tuesday morning last week, I was confronted with a still image of Robin Williams and his vital records on the lobby television; indicating that he had died the day before. The text read suicide, but there was something surreal about Williams’ image

Millennial Dilemmas: Current Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals

Is it ethical to add your client as a friend on Facebook? What about following them on Twitter? Technology has made it difficult to determine what is ethically appropriate for mental health providers. On September 5th, Southeast Psych’s Dr. Barrie Morganstein will be offering a 3 CE Credit workshop on Millennial Dilemmas: Current Ethical Issues for Mental

A Minecrafter’s Guide to Building Relationships

A Minecrafter’s Guide to Building Relationships Step One: The Basics (Initiating Contact) When you first venture into the world of Minecraft you have to start from scratch, build your own tools and mine the basic materials. In life you will need to do the same thing when you meet a new person. To begin, you must