The Unexpected Princess

The Unexpected Princess In today’s world, the term “princess” has become synonymous with words like: spoiled, entitled, and rude. With her upcoming book, Dr. Molly Wittig wants to reinvent the word princess into the what she calls the “Unexpected Princess.”  So what is an Unexpected Princess?  She is strong, capable, kind, giving, and independent. She

Psychology of Successful Travel Abroad

Psychology of Successful Travel Abroad Tomorrow afternoon, my family and I will board a flight to Rome, wherefrom we will set out on a cycling trip through the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany. I was eleven when we had our first family European adventure, and since then some of our most precious memories involve

Ready Player One: Cline gives me my 80′s fix and Asperger’s!

Greetings Aspie Nation! It’s a warm and muggy night in North Carolina and I just started reading a book given to me by a good friend, Dr. Alex Wittig (wife of my colleague Dr. Molly Wittig).  I’ve rarely been so riveted by a book and been brought so thoroughly Back to the Future, back to Dungeons and

Teen Writing Workshop this Summer!

Attention Teens (and Parents of Teens!): Introducing Dr. Kitson’s Teen Creative Writing Workshop (for teens ages 13-18) Do you enjoy writing or ever thought about being a writer but not known where to begin? Do you have a creative spark or passion that’s not being met in school? Do you use a journal or social

An Introduction to the Ironic Process Theory

Let’s play “The Game”. This is a very simple game with only one rule. The rule of “The Game” is doing whatever is takes not to think about “The Game”. If you succeed at not thinking about “The Game” you are the winner, but if at any point in time you think about “The Game”

The Psychology of Humor

You’ve been an avid follower of Parks & Rec for years, and you stay up every weekend to catch the latest SNL. Even if you’re asleep by then, it’s a safe bet that you’ve watched, willingly or otherwise, a fair number of viral videos of goats yelling like humans, parrots singing opera, and so on.

Psychological Addiction for Sports Fans

Psychological Addiction for Sport Fans It seems to be that every season of the year has a matching sports season to go with it. With the arrival of summer comes the ends of the NBA and NHL seasons and has the MLB season in full swing. With the conclusions of season comes play-off seasons that